About Us

ISA is an independent investment advisory and research firm which for over 20 years has been specializing in income securities including bonds, convertibles, preferreds and hybrids. ISA maintains current and historic databases on the entire high yield bond and preferreds markets as well as defaulted municipals and corporate bonds.

ISA publishes three monthly newsletters, the Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor, the Closed End Fund & ETF Report and the Distressed Debt Securities Newsletter. These can be subscribed to in hard copy or via the electronic editions.

ISA provides a variety of information services on the Bloomberg financial information system. Type BIA on any Bloomberg terminal for a list of services.

Our goal

Our company's goal is to provide our clients the resources to achieve a high level of income without inordinate amounts of risk through properly diversifying their portofolio's into various income securities across a range of products-- so that interest rate fluctuations alone won't overly affect a portofolio.

Our philosophy

1. We believe fixed income securities have a place in all investment portfolios no matter the age, wealth or risk tolerance of the investor.

2. We make investment selections to suit low, medium and high risk investors and clearly identify which is which.

3. We advocate no one investment strategy. While most fixed income investors are most comfortable with a buy and hold strategy, others may wish to pursue a balanced portfolio strategy, a high yield strategy or a convertibles investment strategy.

4. You can learn more about investment strategy by reading Richard Lehmann's book, "Income Investing Today-Safety and High Income Through Diversification."