YES, sound investments are available with yields of 5% or more in today's market. You don't have to settle for the minimal interest rates currently offered by CDs, T-Bills, and the like.

BUT it's essential to avoid these stumbling blocks:
Overpaying for a security.
Holding on following significantly negative developments that may not be widely reported.
Suffering a reduced payout.
Failing to spread your risk across different security types (preferred stocks, closed-end funds, convertibles, dividend stocks, and more).

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Includes news on income investing and useful advice on personal
finance, as well as commentary by Income Securities Investor
Publisher Martin Fridson, CFA. More

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"If asset protection and reliable income are what you're after, there's no better source to help than Income Securities Investor." - Steve Forbes

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Meet the Editor

Martin Fridson, CEO of Income Securities Advisors, Inc

Mr. Fridson was a corporate bond research director on Wall Street and is now Chief Investment Officer at Lehmann Livian Fridson Advisors, LLC.

He has written numerous articles on bonds and fixed income investing and has authored six books. He has guest-lectured at leading universities.

Mr. Fridson holds an MBA from Harvard, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and is past president of the Fixed Income Analysts Society.

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