Profit from the ISI website!

Your subscription to Income Securities Investor includes access to the associated website, If you aren’t enjoying this benefit, I encourage you to start getting your full money’s worth by checking it out.

One major benefit of using the website is access to a larger universe of recommendations than the newsletter displays. Owing to space constraints, the previously recommended securities list beginning on page 5 of ISI must drop some older recommendations as nine new ones are published each month. But the older recommendations continue to appear on the website. You’ll find them in the Recommendations section that you can enter by clicking on Newsletter on the homepage.

Many more recommendations are retained on the website than show up in the newsletter. For example, the last issue of Income Securities Investor listed 27 previous recommendations of non-convertible preferred securities. At that time the website listed exactly five times as many, i.e., 135.

The website not only contains a larger number of our past recommendations, but also provides information about them that you won’t see in the newsletter. For each security you’ll find the writeup that supported the original recommendation, as well as any subsequent updates. Note, too, that we don’t have a column available in the newsletter to show the total amount outstanding for each issue. That data item, which has a bearing on ability to trade a security in the secondary market, is displayed on the website.

The website lists five times as many Preferred recommendations as the newsletter.

All of this represents useful information for investors but wait, there’s more! On the homepage you can select Operating Manual.That gets you to a 43-page booklet covering such topics as Fundamentals of Income Investing, All You Want to Know about Preferreds, Determining Your Risk Tolerance, and Diversification. In addition, the homepage enables you to pull up a Glossary that defines important terms such as cumulative dividend, investment grade, PET bond, and soft call.

To access this valuable component of your subscription, go to Click on Login in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Enter the username and password you use to open the newsletter when you receive it by email each month. That will bring you to the homepage, from which you can proceed as described above.

If you haven’t been utilizing this resource up until now, an exciting new world is about to open up to you!